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10th Jan 2013
Oven fresh

Best served straight out of the oven…

This is what we would class as comfort food. A simple but elegant cake. These Raspberry crumble squares are a big hit with tour clients, they just seem to fit...

10th Jan 2013
Graphic design

Menu design for Zoetekauw

First experience with menu design, if there is anything learned here: It’s harder than it looks. The background is based on the “Green”concept this shop wanted to convey.

10th Jan 2013
Flyer design

Music that gives you goose bumps..

Flyer design for Chicken Skin, every Friday night @ Hotell/Bar Frisco Inn Amsterdam.

09th Jan 2013
Graphic Design

Oktober table setting…with a touch of Halloween

        Private dining, catered by¬† J’ licious and styled by Claud-9. We couldn’t resist incorporating a Halloween sentiment, though careful not to compromise the romantic setting.  ...

09th Jan 2013
Upside down Cake pops

The many shapes of Cake pops.

    These bite sized cakes have maximum presentation value and are extremely versatile, what’s not to love?                

09th Jan 2013
Skull 'n Pumpkins

Scary Halloween treats

This spooky treat I prepared for my daughters Halloween slumber party… any excuse to go nuts with what must be one of the best cake decorating subjects..    

09th Jan 2013
Valentine Treats

Valentine’s day Chocolate Hearts