20th Feb 2013

Claud-9 illustration

A wallpaper designed to illustrate the company name

12th Feb 2013
Vintage video game

An homage to video games past..

        How games used to look…when I was a kid is the correct name but HGUTL.com for short. So far they have produced over 50 different wallpapers...

18th Jan 2013
Graphic design

Businesscard design

A business card for catering company with a fresh and creative character.    

16th Jan 2013
Red bauble

Christmas table 2012

        Finally… silver and gold combinations are off the “not done” list! This Christmas we decided to stay a bit traditional by keeping that familiar red and...

16th Jan 2013

Kids birthday party ad for venue

A poster advertising this cake shop’s location as a venue for children’s birthday parties. It’s always a challenge to create a design which is appealing to both boys and girls.

15th Jan 2013
Graphic design

Label design for candy.

Candy Store’s custom label design for glass jars of nostalgic sweets from Holland. A contemporary outlook on Delfts Blue in the background, and a hint of Orange to emphasise the...

15th Jan 2013
Graphic design


  Every so often we’ll do a background project a fun way to enhance and explore new looks and designs.

10th Jan 2013
Graphic design

Menu design for Zoetekauw

First experience with menu design, if there is anything learned here: It’s harder than it looks. The background is based on the “Green”concept this shop wanted to convey.

10th Jan 2013
Flyer design

Music that gives you goose bumps..

Flyer design for Chicken Skin, every Friday night @ Hotell/Bar Frisco Inn Amsterdam.