22nd Jan 2013
Office party

Office party…Mexican theme


17th Jan 2013
Zoetekauw buffet table

Styling for opening event.

        The grand opening of Zoetekauw (meaning sweet tooth in Dutch), a cake and candy store in the heart of Amsterdam. Lots of balloons, face painting, cake...

17th Jan 2013

Impression of interior Zoetekauw…

16th Jan 2013

Kids birthday party ad for venue

A poster advertising this cake shop’s location as a venue for children’s birthday parties. It’s always a challenge to create a design which is appealing to both boys and girls.

16th Jan 2013
Dried fruit

A healthy kids treat…

My kids usually don’t fall for the whole healthy treat concept, though these dried fruits are a welcome exception to the rule, even for the most picky of eaters! Sugar...

14th Jan 2013
Coffee in style

Not just any cup of Coffee!

A business lunch; when making a good impression on your clients is important, it’s all about presentation. But looks are not enough, therefore the challenge lies in making everything taste...

10th Jan 2013
Cakes and bakes

Girly birthday cake


09th Jan 2013
Graphic Design

Oktober table setting…with a touch of Halloween

        Private dining, catered by¬† J’ licious and styled by Claud-9. We couldn’t resist incorporating a Halloween sentiment, though careful not to compromise the romantic setting.  ...