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20th Feb 2013

Claud-9 illustration

A wallpaper designed to illustrate the company name

12th Feb 2013
Vintage video game

An homage to video games past..

        How games used to look…when I was a kid is the correct name but for short. So far they have produced over 50 different wallpapers...

12th Feb 2013
Trinket box

Trinkets and keepsakes..

Found this little trinket box I hadn’t seen in years, not sure where it came from but it’s been around since my childhood. Thought it would make a fitting show...

30th Jan 2013
victorian colour scheme

Pink ‘n Green

A bunch of flowers.. I can never resist taking a picture. Credit, where credit is due.

22nd Jan 2013
Halloween table

Halloween..decorating bliss

  ¬†Halloween, we said it before…definitely a favourite theme for decorating, the possibilities are merely limited by the boundaries of one’s imagination. This spooky Halloween slumber party has all the...

22nd Jan 2013
Office party

Office party…Mexican theme


20th Jan 2013
Filling the liners

Kids baking cupcakes..

        Baking it seems, is the activity of choice at our house. When boredom sets in on a rainy Sunday afternoon… with all the right tools¬† and...

18th Jan 2013
Graphic design

Businesscard design

A business card for catering company with a fresh and creative character.    

17th Jan 2013
Zoetekauw buffet table

Styling for opening event.

        The grand opening of Zoetekauw (meaning sweet tooth in Dutch), a cake and candy store in the heart of Amsterdam. Lots of balloons, face painting, cake...

17th Jan 2013

Impression of interior Zoetekauw…